Dekocandle Pear Fruit Shaped Candle


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Dekocandle unscented Pear shaped candles. These candles are sold individually and are one colour per purchase. These unique and super fashionable candles are poured in different parts resulting in a stylish stripe pattern that has a slight transparent visual effect. Available in two colours, 20 Orange & 63 Linen.

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At Hollianna, we have selected the perfect colours to match the individual interior. We love the combination of these candles with the Dekocandle Apple Shaped Candle in another colour for display in your kitchen. These candles can be housed in a dish, or purchase multiple for a linear display but we would always recommend they are displayed on a flat, even and heat resistant surface - see the Specification & Maintenance section below for more guidance and information.

Dekocandle are the creators of top quality, traditionally moulded candles and stylish accessories, they create custom-made products from their studio in the Belgian Dottenijs.


1No. ⌀ 10 x 16 cm.

  • Respect the labels or symbols that are attached to the candles.
  • The first two times, burn the candles until the wax pool arrives at approximately 5 mm from the border (2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the candle). Let the candle cool down and stiffen completely before relighting it again. There after you can burn the candle for a longer, as long as the wax pool does not reach the outside border.
  • Candles with multiple wicks should not burn for longer than three hours.
  • Trim down the wick to 5 mm after every use.
  • If the wick is too long, the candle will burn unevenly or drip.
  • Leave at least 10 cm between candles for optimal use. This distance prevents the heat from one candle affecting how well the others burn.
  • Never put candles in a draught, as they will burn unevenly and release more smoke, and may go out.
  • Never put candles in direct sunlight, as they may melt and/or lose their colour.
  • If the flame burns deep into the candle and starts to look like a lantern, it may be helpful to trim off the edge of the candle.
  • Never allow candles to burn unsupervised.
  • Check the surface underneath a burning candle. Candles should always be placed on an even, heat-resistant surface.

  • Do not allow foreign objects etc. to fall into the wax pool. If an enlarged or second flame occurs, extinguish the candle immediately.

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