George Farrell

Creative and knowledgeable with the core essence of design, has been hand making and designing furniture for an extensive amount of time. George's attention to detail in all aspects of his work is what makes him so popular with all of our clients. Georges style is modern but with a love for abstract structures and unique art. He appreciates the smaller details and thought that go into designing and manufacturing modern and contemporary furniture, always selecting the most high quality finishes and fixtures for your home. Georges favourite piece has to be the Tonelli Autostima Mirror by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni, he loves it so much he has it in his hallway at home, the ultimate compliment.

Role : Founder, Head of Manufacture (Creative Carpentry, Specialist Manufacture and Spatial Planning).

Background : Over 40 years experience in Joinery, Cabinet Making, Building and Interior Design Industry. Wealth of knowledge in design, manufacture & materiality.

Favourite Designer/Artist : Jackson Pollock.

Favourite Place : The Colosseum, City of Rome.

Favourite Hollianna Piece : Tonelli Autostima Mirror by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni