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Hollianna Loves 0.1

Hollianna Loves 0.1

By Sophie Hayden

Hollianna Loves 0.1
Hollianna Loves 0.1

Hello, and a huge welcome to our site!

We’ve spent the last few months putting our expertise to the test and gathering all of our favourite Interior Designer Furniture, Lighting and Home Accessories. We are so excited to launch the site we've been working so hard on just for you. We thought what better way to start other than to give you an insight into our most loved contemporary and modern pieces. Browse and enjoy our expert opinions on why we feel these products are key design features for any home, bedroom or living space.

Just to give you a quick introduction to the team, we are a family run business and have been based in the North-West Liverpool area for over 30years. Our founders and top dog’s are George and Chris, Husband and wife, who started this Interior Design venture in South Liverpool many years ago. Danielle, Sophie, Jon and Yasmin have added to the business over the years but are more recently taking permanent roles after a number of years in the industry themselves. Between us all, we have a great range of eclectic style and design experience to bring to the table which enables us to offer a vast insight in the Interiors world. We’ve collated our most loved pieces below, welcome to HOLLIANNA LOVES...let us know what you think.

Chris, with an expert background in fabrics, textiles and soft furnishings heads up the business and is who you will find in the showroom most days. Chris is head of the Interior Design team and is client facing and pivotal in customer relations. She is all about luxury interiors and statement furniture so naturally her favourite of the Hollianna pieces is from the MyHome Collection:

→ MyHome Belte Ottoman in Orange with Textured Black Ring, 100% made in Italy this is the ultimate statement centrepiece for any living space, whether it's for a dressing room or to take centre stage in a living< room this is sure to add a pop of colour, fun and most of all style to your home. The ottoman itself is available in many different colours and fabrics providing you with the power to create something perfect and personal for your home, click here to create and shop the MyHome Collection online now. Please feel free to contact Chris here if you need any assistance in selecting the perfect fabric and finish combination.

George, creative and knowledgeable with the core essence of design, has been hand making and designing furniture for an extensive amount of time. George's attention to detail in all aspects of his work is what makes him so popular with all of our clients. Georges style is modern but with a love for abstract structures and unique art. He appreciates the smaller details and thought that go into designing and manufacturing modern and contemporary furniture, always selecting the most high quality finishes and fixtures for your home. Georges favourite piece has to be the Tonelli Autostima Mirror by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni, he loves it so much he has it in his hallway at home, the ultimate compliment:

→ Tonelli Autostima Mirror by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni. This mirror is fixed flat to your wall yet gives a 3D abstract visual to a living space. The slight alternate inclination gives the functionality of a mirror a new aesthetic sense of style. The mixture of contemporary design and traditional manufacture from Tonelli gives you the latest trends which are hand crafted by expertly skilled craftsmen to offer the highest quality furniture for your home. Shop the Tonelli Autostima Mirror here.

Danielle, monochromatic and modern would be words used to describe her style best. Danielle has a flair for experimenting with tones and texture but keeping the design simple and stylish. Danielle works on the product procurement side of the business, always keeping up with the latest trends and products to keep Hollianna at the forefront of the Interior Design industry. Danielle loves modern and clever design which is why her favourite Hollianna product is the Marchetti Ulaop Light:

→ Marchetti Ulaop Light in Black & Gold. The ultra modern lighting install which has a physical process of dispersing light within a living space, the Ulaop offers creative adaptation even after install. The rings can be detached and moved around the central stem to highlight different features of a room at your desire. Available in Black or White with Gold trim, this light will add a sense of contemporary living to any home. Shop the Ulaop Ceiling Pendant here.

Sophie : After spending years within the Spa and Wellness industry, Sophie has extensive experience in the High End Interior Design sector. Sophie's personal style is vibrant and playful, using mixed materials, textures and colour to design unique spaces. Sophie focuses on the eCommerce site, the product display and the Hollianna visual elements. One of the most loved items fitting Sophie's eclectic style is from the MyHome Collection, Baloo:

→ MyHome Baloo Chair in Pink Velvet. MyHome products are 100% made in Italy, they offer a full design palette of colours and texture to create a fun and playful centrepiece for any living or bedroom space. The ultra comfortable Baloo Chair is designed to give a warm and welcoming visual in the home, place it by a window with a view and relax with a good book. Sophie loves the Pink Velvet (CAT Y. 23225) option to add a pop of colour and sense of luxurious texture to a living space. Shop the MyHome Baloo Chair here.

Jon, a chartered Architect with a lifelong love of both exteriors and interiors. Jon’s style is modern minimalist but with a nod to classic design. Jon loves detail and functionality, thought through beautiful design and manufacture. Jon brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, with years of experience in the Commercial and Residential Architectural Industry, he offers this attention to detail and understanding of environments to all aspects of the business. Favouring physical structure and form, Jon's love of all Tonelli products which has made it difficult for him to choose a single item but after close consideration he has selected the Kat by Karim Rashid Table for its beautiful exploration of structure, glass and style :

→ Tonelli Kat by Karim Rashid Table. Tonelli is a designer manufacturer who offers a combination of tradition and innovative glass furniture which is always on trend. The Kat table is a classical and modern design table made by the hands of skilled craftsmen. The table has three glass plates that seem to cross each other form this low table made of three different kinds of glass: smoked, frosted and transparent. The design is simple and stunning, presenting a beautiful statement piece to add any luxury living space. Shop the Kat by Karim Rashid Table here.

Yasmin, the trendsetting member of the team, loves chic and on trend design. Her style lends towards simple shapes, outlines and silhouettes in monochrome tones. She is tech savvy and in the know of all things social media. Yasmin keeps Hollianna up to date with all the seasonal changes and latest trends online. She has a design flair and really knows how to change a space from season to season by simply accessorising with some of our favourite products. This season Yasmin loves the Dôme Deco Matt Black Stacked Vase’s:

→ Dôme Deco Matt Black Stacked Vase’s. These Contemporary vases can be used as a design feature in any living space, on a dining, coffee or console table. Dôme Deco offers a stunning collection of contemporary home accessories for cosmopolitan living. Always in line with current trends, Yasmin loves that Dôme Deco present warm and sophisticated, affordable luxury interiors for any home. Shop the full Dôme Deco Collection here.